If you need a campus or conference speaker on social justice, gender, pop culture, environmental justice, class, food politics, reproductive justice, or disability, with a particular focus on the intersections of these topics, I’m your person!

I love talking about disability, social justice, class war, pop culture, Silicon Valley and the rise of the tech elite, reproductive rights, mental health, farming, environmental issues, bodily autonomy, queerness, and gender with groups large and small, and the numerous other subjects I cover are fair game as well (you can check out my events page to see what I’ve been up to lately). Whether you’re interested in a panelist for a roundtable discussion, or a standalone speaker on these topics, I would love to connect with people at your campus or organisation.

s.e. smith leaning against a post.

I am also available for interviews (radio, television, and print).

If you’d like to interview me or have me as a speaker, you can email me: sesmithwrites at gmail dot com, or point your events organiser to this page.