The Guardian: Comment is free: Wendy Davis’ filibustering for abortion rights is a brave and great thing

June 26th, 2013

Published at The Guardian, June 2013. 

It’s raining here, softly but firmly, and Wendy Davis is filibustering in Texas.

She’s speaking in a low, quiet voice in the other tab, talking about admitting privileges, standing quietly as Senators raise points of order, resuming her flood of speech flawlessly when the floor is returned to her. Her voice is calm and clear, measured, thoughtful, as she explains a subsection of SB5. My Twitter is flooded with commentary on Davis, on SB5, on reproductive rights. The Texas Senate is filled with people in orange, most of them women, coming out in droves to support the right to choose; to refuse the restrictions on abortion services embedded in SB5, the attempt to deprive them of access to basic medical services.

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Thought Catalog: How Young Adult Literature Challenges Gender Norms

June 26th, 2013

Published at Thought Catalog, June 2013. 

Librarians are the pushers of the book world.

Growing up in the house of an academic-turned-bartender-then-academic-again, it was inevitable, of course, that I’d be reading wildly age-inappropriate books almost as soon as I became literate. My father used to set me loose in the bookstore to wander freely, never raising an eyebrow at some of the titles on the pile of books I would teeteringly carry to the counter, which was, naturally, too high for me to reach. But it was my middle school librarian who introduced me to science fiction and fantasy after she saw me curled up in the corner on a rainy day with a copy of Rebecca and thought I might enjoy something of a slightly different flavor.

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ThinkProgress: Why Aren’t Mentally Ill Americans Invited To This Week’s Hearing On Their Own Privacy Rights?

April 27th, 2013

Published at ThinkProgress, April 2013. 

This Friday, House Republican Tim Murphy is holding a hearing on whether the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) “helps or hinders patient care and public safety” in the context of mentally ill patients. The hearing, a followup to his hearing last month in which he reiterated false claims about mental illness and violence, will notably not include a single mentally ill witness. Why not? Because, according to Tim Murphy, mentally ill people are not “competent” to testify about how a relaxation of HIPAA rules would affect their own lives.

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California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom: Reproductive Freedom Week 2013: Disability and Reproductive Justice

March 28th, 2013

Published at CCRF, March 2013. 

As we think about reproductive freedoms this week, we must consider all their permutations, and the importance of a world in which the right to parent is protected just as fiercely as the right not to parent, or to choose to wait to become a parent. Disabled people need the full force and support of the reproductive rights movement, and so do their children; freedom for some is justice for none, and no loving, competent parent should have to live in daily fear that her child will be taken from her simply because of who she is, how she lives her life, the fact that she lives interdependently rather than independently.

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