Placeholder cover for THE FEMINIST UTOPIA PROJECTThe Feminist Utopia ProjectAlexandra Brodsky & Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, editors. (Fall 2015)

These contributions will root themselves in history and experience to invent and demand a better future. We hope that this anthology, in offering a diverse collection of utopias, will inspire American feminists (as well as potential feminists) to imagine their own visions and reach for unprecedented possibilities.

People, not ideas, will build our utopias. But the first step toward a feminist world is to imagine it collectively.

Trade paperback, 13 October 2015.

ISBN: 978-1-55861-900-5 | $16.95  | The Feminist Press

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Bionic bodies on the cover of THE WISCON CHRONICLESThe WisCon Chronicles: Shattering Ableist Narratives, Volume 7 Joselle Vanderhooft, editor. (June 2013)

In science fiction and fantasy, just as in the world we all inhabit, disability is often misunderstood, maligned, and disregarded, even by fans (as well as people in general) who are committed to social justice, anti-oppression, and equal representation for all in sf/f fandom. In the spirit of WisCon’s continuing mission to boldly go where no con has gone before in breaking down barriers, this volume of the WisCon Chronicles seeks to smash ableist narratives that keep disabled people from full participation in the present we inhabit and the speculative futures we hope to create. Contributors include Andrea Hairston, Debbie Notkin, Nisi Shawl, Josh Lukin, and Nancy Jane Moore, among others.

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ISBN: 978-1-61976-042-4 | $15 | Aqueduct Press

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The Statue of Liberty in an exam gown on the cover of GET OUT OF MY CROTCHGet Out of My Crotch! Kim Wyatt and Sari Botton, editors. (January 2013)

We are witnessing the patriarchy’s last gasp, and it’s not going down without a fight. Using legislation, language, and women’s own silence, it seeks to return us to a time when choice and self-determination were not options. In this collection, twenty-one fearless writers examine reproductive rights, access to health care, violence against women, and the rise of rape apologists in the twenty-first century United States. Illuminating intersections of gender, class, and race, these stories speak to the challenges women routinely face, attempts to undermine their rights, and the deliberate, systemic erosion of their agency and their existence as equals. It’s time to revisit what’s at stake, what could still be lost, and why we must continually fight for equality and freedom for all.

Trade paperback and e-book editions available.

ISBN: 978-1-936511-09-9 | $18.00 | Cherry Bomb Books

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