Happy Release Day, Get Out of My Crotch! (And Happy Birthday, Roe v Wade)

22 January means that Get Out of My Crotch! is finally here, which means you have 21 fantastic essays and other works on reproductive rights and autonomy to read through. I’m really excited about this anthology and I hope you are too, because, really, you should be. Especially now, in a climate where reproductive rights seem to be increasingly under threat, with more and more anti-choice laws being proposed in the United States and beyond every year.

The Statue of Liberty in an exam gown on the cover of GET OUT OF MY CROTCH

As we think today about the symbolic legal victory of Roe v Wade and what it meant for access to reproductive health care in the US, it’s important to remember that we still need to fight these battles, and that we have a long way to go to make sure everyone is protected. That’s why my essay in Get Out of My Crotch! is called ‘Justice for All,’ and why it explores subjects like how to preserve access to all aspects of family planning, including having children, accessing fertility treatment, and keeping children in the face of investigations of ‘harmful’ family environments like homes with disabled or gay parents. It challenges conventional reproductive rights narratives and encourages readers to think a little outside their comfort zones.

We also should be considering the impact of US foreign policy abroad, and how our government’s attitude to reproductive rights and health care has a direct affect on what kinds of services people overseas can access. Under the Global Gag Rule, the kinds of services that can be provided with US funding are limited, and official policies directly interfere with patient safety and the ability of medical practitioners to care for their patients safely. True justice for all crosses international borders!

Order Get Out of My Crotch! from the publisher or an independent bookstore near you, and don’t forget to keep fighting.