16-19 October 2014, Sirens, near Portland, Oregon

13 August 2014, Here and Now with Steve Goldstein on KJZZ, discussing supporting mentally ill friends and family

23-26 May 2014, WisCon 38, Madison, Wisconsin

23 May 2014, Commentary on KJZZ for Mental Health Month (includes recording and transcript)

10-13 October 2013, Sirens, near Portland, Oregon

24-27 May 2013, WisCon 37, Madison, Wisconsin

3 May 2013, 2-3 PM Pacific, Pushing Limits on KPFA, interview on disability, the pharmaceutical industry, and activism

13 April, 2013, 6:30 PM, reading for GET OUT OF MY CROTCH featuring s.e. smith and Janet Frishberg, Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino, California

11-14 October 2012, Sirens, near Portland, Oregon.

16 August 2012, The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR, interview on cutting and self-harm.

16 June 2012, Definitely Not the Opera on CBCinterview on the ‘smile baby‘ phenomenon.

25-28 May 2012, WisCon 36, Madison, Wisconsin

22 March 2012, University of Southern California, WPH207, ‘Desexualising People With Disabilities,’ followed by a question and answer period. Sponsored by the Queer and Ally Student Assembly.

8 March 2012,  interview with Mike Graham on talkSPORT to discuss social issues and the upcoming Olympics. For more on this subject: Olympic Considerations, Oppression 2012.

22 July 2011, The Rick Smith Show, ‘Is Cutting Benefits For Public Workers Actually Wage Theft? Reframing the Right’s Attacks On Unions.’

8-9 April 2011, Eastern Washington University, Northwest Women’s Studies Association Conference (panel presentation, 9 April 2011 with Annie Jansen, ‘Harshing the Glee Squee: Feminism, Glee, and Disability’)

17 February 2011, Western Washington University: Feminist Response to Pop Culture: Glee, Western Washington University Women’s Centre

22 December 2010, WBAI New York: Roundtable panel on Glee, The Largest Minority radio show